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                 Once upon a time, not very long ago, in a galaxy not very far away - in fact just down the road
         and  around the corner - a then great broadcasting organisation known as the BBC decided to
         make a short series of programmes on astronomy.  The series was titled The Sky at Night, and
         was presented by an eccentric amateur astronomer.
         Surviving the slings and arrows of outrageous bureaucrats, who would have consigned it to
         the dustbin of television history, the 'short series' continued for over half a century, fronted by
         its founding presenter ...


The Astronomical Patrick Moore.

- the authorised version

                        The only DVD autobiography of
                         Britain's favourite astronomer
                  Running time 68 minutes, 16X9 SD PAL
               Produced & directed by Charles Wallace.
                   A Moving Image Company production





With a little help from Sir Arthur C Clarke, Prof Richard Gregory, Dr Allan Chapman, Prof Garry Hunt, and 2 surviving producers from his 50 year reign, the last great personality from the golden age of British television opens the door on his extraordinary life.  From lift-off to TV icon of the space age, Sir Patrick recounts his adventures, on the way imparting his equally unconventional views on bureaucrats - and how to annoy them, politicians - and how to ignore them, and the 'final frontiers' he hopes await us.

Not a rehash of old Sky at Night programmes, but original material filmed around Sir Patrick's home, his local cricket club, and Oxford University. 

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